Trail Blazers Come Away From Lottery With Seventh Overall Pick

by Casey Holdahl
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The Trail Blazers didn’t get lucky at the 2022 NBA Draft Lottery, but they didn’t fall all that far back either.

Despite having the sixth-worst regular season record, the Trail Blazers came away from the Draft Lottery with the seventh overall pick. Portland will also have two second round picks, 36th and 57th, when the 2022 NBA Draft takes place on Thursday, June 23 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

At a 29.8 percent probability, the seventh overall pick was the most likely outcome for the Trail Blazers entering the Draft Lottery, though with a little over a 37 percent chance of getting either the first, second, third or fourth picks, the result of Tuesday’s draw felt like a disappointment for the team and their fans, especially after missing out on getting a second lottery pick this year when the Pelicans qualified for the postseason. Portland had a 20.5 percent chance of falling to eighth and an 8.6 percent chance of sixth.

The Sacramento Kings, the team with the seventh-worst record this season, was the only team to outperform their odds entering the lottery, as they jumped up to the fourth overall pick. That pushed the Detroit Pistons, owners of the third-worst record this season, down to fifth while the Pacers ended the night with the sixth pick. The rest of the Lottery played out exactly as the odds predicted, with Orlando securing the top pick followed by the Thunder at two and the Rockets at three. 

While it’s always better to have a higher pick, players such as Damon Stoudamire, Jason Williams, Richard “Rip” Hamilton, Loul Deng, Eric Gordon, Stephen Curry, Greg Monroe, Harrison Barnes, Julius Randle and Jamal Murray were all selected with the seventh overall picks of their respective drafts. There have been plenty of misses at seven as well, but there are often good to great players available in that range. And of course, there’s also the prospect of trading the pick for veteran talent, an option that Trail Blazers’ General Manager Joe Cronin has already noted.

With the order now decided, Cronin and his staff now continue the work of evaluating the 2022 class with a little more than a month to go before the Draft. They are currently in Chicago for the Combine, after which they will likely schedule workouts in Portland.

So in the absence of luck, the Trail Blazers’ talent-evaluators will have to be good.


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