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The Clippers team is active in our LA community all year long. Whether we’re supporting local events or hosting them, learn more about how you can join us.

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Clippers Chairmen

Wheelchair basketball began as rehabilitation for soldiers returning from World War II and was formalized as a competitive sport in 1948, just one season after the NBA. The LA Clippers Chairmen wheelchair basketball team is in its 11th season as part of the Clippers family. The Clippers team up with the National Wheelchair Basketball Association to sponsor the Clippers Chairmen. The Clippers Wheelchair players are not only chairmen of the court, they also participate with the Clippers community outreach and participate in wheelchair basketball clinics with adaptive PR programs at local high schools throughout the year.

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Late Night Hoops

The Clippers Late Night Hoops is a late evening basketball league providing positive alternatives for young adults by allowing them to run the courts instead of running the streets. The program promotes non-violence and unity, health and fitness, educational opportunities, employment referral and organized recreation and cultural activities. The program also goes beyond basketball with off-court activities which include Job Fairs for the league's players and the local community. The LA Clippers have partnered with the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks for the program, which will recruit over 170 young adults ages 18-25 from the Figueroa corridor and various at risk neighborhoods in South Los Angeles. The Los Angeles City Police Department also lends its support.

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Community Heroes

Community Heroes

The LA Clippers recognize outstanding members of Clipper Nation whose commitment to service and putting others over themselves benefits the greater good of our community.

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