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The Clippers will inspire Clipper Nation with our hardcore commitment to be the best and constantly improve. That is our guiding principle on and off the court. We are the Clippers: high-character, tough, committed, and HARDCORE.

Our Values

Commitment. We are driven by commitment: to win, to do things the right way, to our team, fans, and community, and our ultimate commitment to be the best. We give 100% and more at all times. We do the hard things with all our heart and do them the right way.

Character. We stand for doing things the right way. We approach everything we do with conviction and intensity. And we conduct ourselves with the highest degree of integrity and show the utmost respect for our fans, our community, our teammates and our competitors.

Community. “We are one” with our community on a mission to make us all champions. We work to enable our drive and desire to benefit our communities, especially where the needs are greatest.

How We Do It

Winning. We have been remarkably successful but are absolutely dedicated to improving our game.

Leadership. Our leaders and our team culture are as hardcore committed as anyone in the NBA.

Toughness. We play all-out, committed, competitive basketball. Nothing will be easy for our opponents. Off the court, we have shown the highest character and commitment even during tough circumstances.

Fan Dedication. We are dedicated to connecting deeply with our fans (from the casual to the hardcore) providing the most excitement and information in the arena, on television, and over the Internet.

Teamwork. We work together absolutely. And yet each must also strive to be a star within their own role as well. We believe: “I am because you are. I can't be all I can be unless you are all you can.”

Community Involvement. We give back more to our community through our time, support, and resources. We galvanize others to invest with us in giving kids opportunities to develop and succeed.

Communications. We communicate regularly as a team on the court and with our fans and other community constituents. We are open and respectful but relentless in helping others improve. We will be as respectful in our private communications as in our public efforts.

We are the Clippers. This is Clipper Nation. And we are hardcore.

We are inspired by basketball fans, but especially hardcore fans and people who respect and admire the high energy and high work ethic that goes into great sports. We love Los Angeles and our core of longtime fans. We welcome them, our growing base of new fans, and fans around the U.S. and the world to our exciting journey. We will not disappoint.


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