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On the court, Clippers Spirit captivates fans with their hard-hitting, complex choreography and skillful technique. These dancers perform one-of-a-kind routines at every LA Clippers home game, uniquely crafted for the team by LA's TOP choreographers.

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Medicine | Clippers Spirit Performance (03.01.20)

Videos: Spirit Dance Team

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Clippers Spirit Team feat. Willdabeast

Choreographer and hip hop legend, Willdabeast, teaches the Clippers Spirit Team his choreo to I’m Better by Missy Elliott for an upcoming Clippers game.
Apr 6, 2017  |  01:25

LA Clippers Dance Squad: Episode 3

In episode three the LA Clippers Dance Squad girls get ready for their first on-court performance of the season. Is the team ready to shine or will someone miss the mark?
Mar 28, 2016  |  00:15

L.A. Clippers Dance Squad Is Coming to E!

LA Clippers Dance Squad premieres Tuesday March 15th on E! Entertainment!
Feb 7, 2016  |  00:40

Clippers Spirit Final Auditions

The pressure is on as the Spirit finalists have their last chance to impress the judges (video: Fox Sports West).
Aug 5, 2014  |  01:02

Clippers Spirit Auditions - Day 1

Take a look at the first day of Clippers Spirit Tryouts! (video: Fox Sports West)
Aug 5, 2014  |  01:01

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