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Philosophy, Process, and Tools

The Memphis Grizzlies offer total marketing solutions for companies and brands large and small looking to affect customer perceptions and behaviors. Partnership with the Grizzlies is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to a brand because it offers three things that no other tool does:

  1. Personal Relevance -

    Your brand can grab heartshare of the Grizzlies' passionate and committed fan base. We exist as a conduit for you to reach your target markets - the single most effective way to do so is to enhance the fan experience. This not only achieves brand awareness but moves beyond it, leading to preference, loyalty and ultimately advocacy. Facilitating a true connection, deepened and extended over time, is our specialty.
  2. Unparalleled Flexibility -

    The Memphis Grizzlies will build a package that is tailored to your brand's marketing objectives. Your goals are our goals, and we can provide a partner with nearly unlimited activation and leverage options. Let us bring your ideas to life through a creative process you won’t find anywhere else.
  3. Total Integration -

    Using multiple channels, the Grizzlies have a more robust and comprehensive reach than any other property in the mid-South. The true value of this presence is unlocked when we integrate your messaging across a variety of assets and initiatives. Additionally, our partner brands can maximize their outcomes by incorporating a Grizzlies partnership into their already existing marketing strategy.

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Partner Testimonials

Memphis Airport

"The 'First Team MEM' partnership between Memphis International Airport and the Memphis Grizzlies has been a fantastic way for the airport to connect with our community. We’ve increased our audience, increased our interaction with passengers, and improved our messaging in a fun and engaging manner."

- Scott Brockman, President/CEO

Campbell Clinic

"Our partnership with the Grizzlies as their official sports medicine provider dates back to when the team first arrived in Memphis. Caring for the orthopedic needs of world-class NBA athletes has really helped amplify our visibility throughout the region. There’s immense value for our organization in being aligned with another of the iconic brands in Memphis. As sports marketing continues to evolve, the Grizzlies have worked with us in order to maximize our investment."

- Chad Gilbert, Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Eagle Distributing

"The partnership between the Memphis Grizzlies and Eagle Distributing has been great for both companies. We have been able to leverage in market promotion through our partnership, which helps create broader brand awareness with our consumers and the Memphis Grizzlies fans."

- AJ Jones, Marketing Manager

Meet the Team

Anthony L. Macri

VP, Partnership Marketing
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Lamont Nelson

Director, Development
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Leslie Finch

Director, Development & Revenue Strategy
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Nicole Pentecost

Manager, Development
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Max Alpert

Manager, Development
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Corey O'Donnell

Manager, Development
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Brandon Rothfuss

Associate, Development
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Sarah Lindsey

Sr. Director, Activation & Account Strategy
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Shantonie Derrick

Sr. Manager, Activation
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Justin Hart

Manager, Activation
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Diamond K. Evans

Coordinator, Activation
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Kayla Hezel

Coordinator, Activation
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Matthew Marks

Coordinator, Activation
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Lakendra Jefferies

Specialist, Activation
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Erica Blackburn

Business Analyst, Partnerships
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Kayla Wilson

Intern, Partnership Marketing
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