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Grizzlies Season Ticket pricing

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Location Season TicketTotal Price
T Terrace V $484
S Terrace IV $572
R Terrace III $792
Q Terrace II $1,012
P Terrace I $1,540
O Pinnacle III $2,596
N Pinnacle II $3,036
M Pinnacle I $3,344
Draft Room Ledge $3,124
L Plaza IV $1,892
K Plaza IV Plus $2,112
J Plaza III $2,552
I Plaza II $3,168
H Plaza II Plus $3,608
G Plaza I $4,180
F Plaza I Plus $4,928
E Courtside IV $4,796
D Courtside III $5,852
C Courtside II $6,468
B Courtside II Plus $7,876
A Courtside I $8,844
Baseline Row 3 $11,220
Baseline Row 2 $14,520
Baseline Row 1 $29,700
Sideline Row 2 $16,412
Sideline Row 2 Center $16,808
Sideline Row 1 $36,256
Scorer's Table $38,764

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