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Ticketmaster is the official ticket purveyor for Spectrum Center events. Hornets Sports & Entertainment and Spectrum Center reserve the right to: (1) Limit the numbers of tickets sold to any individual person, per event; (2) limit the number of transactions per event, per household, (3) require photo identification and contact information for every ticket purchase; (4) refuse sales at any time due to limited availability or any patron’s reaching the limits previously noted; (5) refuse sale of tickets at any time; and (6) revoke any tickets purchased through a full refund at face value.

Anything can happen on the court when teams give their all for NBA glory. And as the intensity increases so does the demand for tickets. During must-see series fans do whatever it takes to get in the game and root their team to victory, and unscrupulous sellers seize the opportunity to sell fake tickets.

As the demand for tickets goes up, so do acts of fraud against real fans. For must-see games we urge fans to protect themselves by buying tickets on - the only Official Ticket Marketplace of the NBA. No other can ensure your NBA tickets are good before you get to the gate. Tickets you can trust. Every ticket sold on is verified and reissued with a brand-new barcode. You don't get somebody's old ticket, but a new one just for you. Convenience you expect. You can get your tickets right away. And if you can’t make it, transfer or sell your tickets online right from your account. is the only Hornets-approved way for fans to buy and sell tickets. Protect yourself with Ticketmaster Verified Tickets and know you’re good before you get to the gate. Only NBA-approved sites reissue tickets in your name with new barcodes, so there’s zero doubt that your seats are yours.

Don’t get left out in the cold during the hottest part of the season. Score Ticketmaster Verified Tickets at and


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