Fox shares why he's the fastest in the league on "The Reel"

Fox was featured on a recent episode to discuss a wide array of topics including the long held NBA speed debate.
by Kenneth Reprado
Social Producer

"I just understand the game so much better," said Fox, explaining his improvement since his rookie season. 

"I'm so much stronger than I was then... People have always said this game is 20 percent talent and 80 percent what's going on in your head. I think that's what sets a lot of the greater players apart." 

Fox had a breakout season averaging 25.2 PPG, 7.2 APG, and 3.5 RPG.

On a recent episode of The Reel with Kenny Beecham, De'Aaron Fox dissected his biggest plays of the season, discussed his improvement since his rookie year, and why he is the fastest player in the league. 

"The way I move is so much different than everybody else. Everybody's not able to make the cuts and just stop and do what I do, especially going at full speed." 

 Watch the complete interview below:


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