Nets vs. Heat: Kyrie Irving, Landry Shamet, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 109-107 loss to Miami

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 109-107 loss to the Miami Heat.


On Kevin Durant injury:

“He’s sore but we don’t know how severe. We’ll see tomorrow how he wakes up and go from there but right now nothing’s been determined.”

On Kyrie Irving down the stretch:

“Since we're kind of designed to create space for them, we just never really got sharp and we got left with him having really tough looks over a defense that was loaded to him, and a couple times without Adebayo’s length on him. So, we’ve got to do a better job of getting the right matchup, but also maybe getting into our sets to create some space for him.”

On Landry Shamet:

“He was great. Obviously made a lot of shots but also was able to drive the ball for us a little bit, get in the guts of their defense. It was a huge performance, very important for us to stay in this game with his effort and it just shows that he’s got some potential to expand his game and do a little more.”


On dealing with injuries:

“The timing of everything this year has just been a telltale sign of what life is right now in terms of the uncertainty of a lot going on. Anything could happen at any moment, so we don’t want to take anything for granted. But anytime one of our teammates goes down, anytime something like that happens, it’s definitely going to take a hit for us. And he’s just gotten back. We just pray that it’s not too serious and he’s able to recover, but it definitely has a hit on our continuity at times. But we’re not making any excuses for each other. We’re all professionals, the guys that are getting minutes right now, we need them. So it’s going to turn eventually, but we’ve just got to find that continuity, that connectivity from the start of the game to the end.”

On being double-teamed and triple-teams:

“It’s the smartest thing they can do is double me, get the ball out of my hands, make other guys beat (them). But I had the utmost confidence in my teammates to be able to make the right plays. I thought we were in the right spots for a good part of the game. When we started off, we gave up over 60 points in the first half. We just kind of were bringing the physicality in the second half rather than the first half. We were kind of getting speeded up, and at times, I felt sped up. When I watch film later tonight or tomorrow, I’ll see some opportunities where I can attack it early against the double-team, but I also can just continue to trust my teammates to make the right decision. They do a great job of that.”

On the final three minutes:

"It’s basketball. It’s the game itself, down the stretch. Some games are not necessarily going to look our best, but that’s where it falls on me as the point guard, being out there — or whatever guard you want to call me — it’s just being out there, talking to some of the guys after the game, just instead of going to the iso so much down the stretch where I have makeable shots, just being able to slow the game down and make sure we get a definite two or we get a great shot. We all know how I can get to a spot anywhere on the court, but when they’re doubling like that, tripling like that down the stretch, I feel like I could have saved it a little bit more and played off the guys. I’ll look at the film, but I’m pretty sure that’s gonna be the case. The Heat defense definitely was gearing towards our shooters, but it made us make decisions and they lived with some of the outcomes, and it worked in their favor tonight. So the next time we play them, down the stretch seeing them or whatever the case may be, just want to be a little bit more prepared down the stretch.”


On final three minutes:

“Think we got a little stagnant. They were doing a good job blitzing Ky, getting the ball out of his hands, slowing us down a little bit. I think there’s opportunities, I know for me personally down the stretch where I caught a couple ball reversals and could have drove and attacked but didn’t. I’ll go back and look at it, but just from feeling it, we definitely did get a little stagnant there down the stretch and we’ve got to be better defensively. Even though we didn’t score, there were a couple slip-ups there. But throughout the game really, it was a number of things I think we can improve upon and take from this loss, but overall I’m happy with how we fought and battled a little bit of adversity.”

On encouragement from Kyrie Irving:

“The NBA’s all about opportunity and been thrown into having to play some point guard minutes following up Kyrie and alongside Kyrie. Just learning about flow of the game and managing the game, finding those spots where I need to be more aggressive and just be myself and I think it missed a few opportunities down the stretch the last five minutes. I kind of went away a little bit. Ky’s been great. He’s taken me under his wing. Talks to me every day. Believes in me. That goes a long way, knowing your teammates believe in you, they’re taking a vested interest in you. It means a lot.”

On progression through season:

“Regardless of how things are going, I’m chopping wood and carrying water every day. It gets tedious having to do the little things every day that you might not want to do, but it adds up. I trust in that. When you keep doing that, doing all the things, working on off days, watching film, asking questions and believing in myself, whatever comes from that I’m living with because I know I’m doing everything in my power to put myself in the best position. Basketball’s a funny game. Sometimes it goes your way, sometimes it doesn’t, and all you can really control is your preparation, how much work you put in and your mindset, so that’s what I’m going to keep doing.”

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