For the upcoming NBA season, the Brooklyn Nets are bringing back a fan favorite, one of the most-talked-about jerseys in NBA history, with their first Classic Edition uniform. Thirty years ago, the Nets launched the 1990s with an aesthetic reset, introducing a new logo and new uniforms. The piece that grabbed everybody’s attention was the new road set, a washed-out, sky blue-to-white gradient that looked like nothing the league had seen before. It has gone down in NBA history as the “tie-dye” jersey.

The Jersey

The Classic Edition jersey pays homage to the rich history of the Nets franchise, and the Brooklyn Nets are proud to wear this uniform during the upcoming NBA season. Reaching back to the team’s roots has great meaning for Kyrie Irving, who grew up in the Garden State rooting for the Nets. Watching the franchise’s NBA Finals appearances inspired Irving’s own journey to the NBA, which has now brought him full circle, back to his favorite childhood team.

Kyrie and Brooklyn Nets Connect with New Classic Edition Jersey

2020-21 Classic Edition Court

Nets in the 90s: Highlights From a New-look Era


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