Nuggets/Avalanche Prep League

The Denver Nuggets/Colorado Avalanche Prep League has been a rousing success since its inception in 1997. By creating a sports league which includes sports (volleyball, basketball, soccer, cross country, baseball and flag football) for boys and girls in the 31 middle schools of the Denver Public School system, this program is filling a glaring 30-year void of after school sports programs for middle school students. More than 5,000 middle school students, who maintain a C average or better in each class, participate in over 1,800 games in the DPL annually. This academic requirement helps students develop good study habits and appreciate the importance of maintaining good grades in order to have the privilege of playing organized sports.

The DPL provides students with outstanding after-school activities that enhance their middle school experience. Furthermore, interest in high school athletics resulting from participation in the DPL has increased significantly among program participants. School pride has increased exponentially due to the creation of a logo for each of the schools. In the history of DPS athletics, the Denver Nuggets/Colorado Avalanche Prep League is the best academic and athletic program for teachers, parents and, most importantly, students. In 2019 we hosted both the girls and boys basketball championship games this past season.

The participating middle schools are: Martin Luther King Jr., Hamilton, Lake, Skinner, Merrill, Morey, Place, Rishel, Grant, Grant Ranch, Cole, Horace Mann, Smiley, Kunsmiller, Hill, Henry, Kepner, Moore, Slavens, Park Hill, Greenwood, Randolph, Centennial, Bryant-Webster, Fairmont, Roberts, Waller, Howell, Hallack Park and Noel.

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